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San Diego Grab Bars is a locally-owned, family-run business with your safety in mind. Our business is lead by a father/son team who are both Aging-In-Place experts.  On our vans, we keep multiple finishes and lengths and the tools necessary to install into whatever surface we come across.

We know that falls are a leading cause of injury in the home, and we are determined to minimize the frequency at which falls happen and impact that falls have on a family. We believe that Grab Bars are one of the best approaches to keep people balanced and stable on their feet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Call us at (858) 206-8225 or contact us here.  In a few minutes we can get an idea of your needs and give you a fairly accurate estimate of your cost over the phone.  We can set up an appointment to come by your home for a free consultation. When we arrive, we will take the time to discuss your situation, inspect the installation areas, and determine the best solution for you. We bring a variety of high-quality grab bars with us. You even have the option of having your bars installed the same day.

Everyone is different. Most of our customers install two bars. One bar is installed vertically at the entrance to the tub or shower. This is an area where many slips occur when they are standing on one foot. A second bar is installed horizontally inside the tub or shower enclosure. This provides a solid hold if you are soapy or wet. This bar is sometimes installed diagonally. We can help you decide what placement you best meet your needs.
Grab Bars in the Bathroom

There are two considerations. First is the diameter of the bar. We will bring different bars with us so that you can determine which feels the best in your hand. Second is the length of the bar. The entry bar is usually 18 to 24 inches. The bar inside the enclosure is 24 to 48 inches. We bring bars to you for you to touch and see. We can hold up bars in your shower as a visual example of the coverage each bar can provide.

Yes. There are several styles that help keep your hand from slipping when wet or soapy. We always carry Peened bars from Moen. They feature a subtle texture that reduces slips. Other manufacturers have a heavier texture (knurled) that is popular to have installed on the exterior of the home. We will bring a sample board of our finishes so you can try before you decide.

Peened Grab Bar

We can usually come by your home within a couple of days from your initial call. If you need immediate service, let us know and we will do our best to help you right away. We carry a nice selection of bars with us. You can have them installed the same day we visit you for your consultation.

No, we always carry a variety of  bars and tools to help us get the job done right, no matter what we might encounter.

We would be happy to install bars you already have, provided they meet ADA specifications. Click here to check. ADA grab bar requirements. Your installation includes the consultation we provide when installing our own bars.

-Will  the bars rust in my shower?
No, all the bars we carry are made from stainless steel by Moen. All the hardware we use is also stainless steel and will resist normal oxidation.

Grab bars can be installed on drywall, wood paneling, concrete, natural and cultured stone, ceramic tile, and fiberglass. We cannot install grab bars through tempered glass.Designer Grab Bar

Anchoring into a stud is the ideal mounting method.  It will always provide the most secure anchor. However, when a stud is not available we use special mounting hardware that exceeds the ADA requirement that the bar support 250 pounds. This allows us to put the bar where it will be most helpful, rather than just where the studs are.

Yes. Grab bars can be helpful at doorways, at the bedside or in the kitchen. Some people find them helpful at the top of the stairs or coming in from the garage.  We will help provide safety wherever you may need it.Grab Bars in Other Locations

David, Gabriel and Michael are the installers that may visit your house.


Cash, Checks, and most major credit cards (Discover, Visa, Master Card, & American Express).

Yes, We are licensed, insured, and bonded.

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