Affordable.    ADA compliant.   Professional.   Same day installation.

When it comes to your safety, hiring a professional just makes sense.

I concentrate on doing one thing and doing it right.

When I visit you , l bring along a better selection of grab bars than you will find in any showroom or hardware store in the county.

Touch them!   Decide what diameter feels best in your hand.   Feel the different textures.   See how they look in your home before you buy.

If you take advantage of my GRAB BAR SPECIAL I offer one low price.  Length, finish, diameter… it doesn’t matter.

I stock a nice selection of bars on my truck and can install them the same day if you want.

You will be confident that your safety was in the hands of a professional who specializes only in grab bars.


The right bar, in the right place with the right installation.


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David Beddoes, Owner of San Diego Grab Bars

David Beddoes
Owner and Installer